Love Lost

So much has changed

Since yesterday

I’m searching for the words

That I have to say


Drinking in your love

That was my favorite drug

Craved it like an addict

Even though I wouldn’t admit


It was only you

I wanted by my side

Every second every minute

Thoughts of you filled my mind

Consumed my soul

Pumped energy through my veins

Packed my heart with love


It was a euphoria

I had never felt

Convinced I must be

Cast under cupids spell


But old habits never change

That’s what they’d always say

And this was no different

Than any other day


Someone else really loving me

I couldn’t even fathom

How a thought could come to be


So I had to push you back

It was all I’d ever known

Only way to keep my freedom

Guarantee I’d stay alone


Texts started to fill my phone

Sitting there unread

Each flash of light

My soul one step closer to dead

– Domingo Ruiz


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