A Homeless Poem

She was tall and thin

she wouldn’t let me in

Her heart was closed

with a lock and no key

She couldn’t speak, hear

or see

Her mind was wandering

her Soul was free

To me she’s love

To you a freak

She placed her head

upon my knee

I stroked her hair and

took her to a place

we both could share.

It was dark and cold

a big black hole a

world without time

and filled with hate

Together this is

Our Fate!

She is homeless

She is Lost

She is mentally ill.

You can’t help us with

just your will.

There must be a way the

world can change!

Where each could feel

the others pain!

To live like this

must be insane

No place to sleep or

hide from rain

Just time for drifting

and the drugs the

brain is sifting

Taking the mind

To a higher gear

just living lost

year after year

You can’t subdue us

when you look

right through us

Standing next to us

your pockets full

Ours empty

we watch the world go by.

You want more

We want enough

You live in greed

We live in lust

You look disgusted

We look to be trusted

We are the homeless

We are the Lost

We are the mentally ill.

You turn your head

you look away

but I’m still here

and I’m here to stay.

I stand in the light but

cast no shadow.

My pain exposed

when my tide is low.

You hand me this

I asked for that

a game well played

just tit for tat

You yell out loud

just go to work but

you don’t know!

My job is hard and

filled with hurt

I am the homeless

I am the Lost

I am the mentally ill.

– Kelly Page


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