Beyond Your Beauty…

beyond your beauty, that is plain to see

behind those eyes I thought ‘there is a light,

something for me’

I broke in, tore the place apart

for certain in here, this room

I’d find the key.


I tore the place to pieces before

I burnt it all down

set fire to all I knew

but no, never, was any key ever found.


and the ashes covered your basement floor

beneath the embers, across your sea

at once in plain sight a silver door I did see

but again nothing, was not what i thought to be


a second attempt to force myself in

but the door’s shackle, it did not budge nor bend

i sat in your basement where few had ever been

and my fatal flaw revealed to me

that I was now locked in.

– Posthumous Ink

Posthumous Ink is a freelance writer and blogger. To find more of his work connect with him here.


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